"I believe that the world is moving toward messianic times. I believe that until now people knew their place within hierarchies: nations controlling other nations, men controlling women, etc. In the times we are approaching all of that is changing, and thank God for that. It is a difficult transition because there are still many who believe that they can control others. This is why our work is in the seam between different worlds: between religious and secular, between Jews and Arabs, between the worlds of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, between the islands of identity inside Israeli society and between Israel and world Jewry, just to mention a few. We are working to make the world safe for people of different traditions, narratives, world views and beliefs." 


Rabbi Melchior works to strengthen Israeli civil society via the organizations he has founded:

Citizens' Accord Forum facilitates widespread social change at all levels of society by engaging Israeli citizens across all ethnic, religious, gender, geographic and political lines. 


  • Jaffa Convention

  • Youth Parliament of the Mixed Cities of Israel

  • Ofek Nashi: Empowering Arab Business Women

  • Applied Deliberative Dialogue

  • Land and Soil: Unrecognized Bedouin Settlements

  • Youth Sports in Israel's Mixed Cities

  • Preventative Healthcare for Arab Women

  • Arab Citizens' Rights at Israel's Airports and Crossings 

  • Ataa Office for Assistance on Interior Ministry Affairs

Mosaica's encourages in-depth familiarization with religious Jewish and Muslim sources and direct interpersonal and communal dialogue out of belief that shared life can best occur within the framework of shared principles and values. Mosaica provides dialogue programs for religious leaders, professional educators, community leaders, and youth.


  • Jerusalem Interreligious Educational Leadership Program

  • Religious Peace Initiative

  • MANDAT Religious Leaders Program

  • Gishur:  Provides professional mediation services for individuals, families, neighborhoods and communitities to find creative solutions to conflict.

Meitarim provides a Jewish, pluralistic, coeducational environment, where religious and secular students can grow up and learn together in kindergartens, schools, pre and post military institutions in order to take responsibility for a common Jewish heritage and vision.


  • Day Care Centers

  • Pre-Kindergartens and Kindergartens

  • Meitarim Elementary Schools

  • Meitarim Secondary Schools

  • Mechinat Lachish: Post-High School Gap-Year Program

  • Midreshet Natur: Community and Military Service

  • Beit Midrash Beit Yisrael

Kulanu seeks to strengthen the Jewish character of the State of Israel, enhance democracy and foster unity through its diverse projects. Kulanu is best known for its Chagim BaKehilla program, which provides religious services for secular Jews for many of the Jewish holidays. Kulanu is working with Teva Ivri to launch the Shmita Yisraelit program.


  • Chagim BaKehilla

  • Shmita Yisraeli (in coordination with Teva Ivri)

  • Meitarim: Inclusive Jewish Educational Network

  • Yom Kippur Shel Kulanu

  • B'Yachad: For a Shared Jewish Democratic Society

Rabbi Melchior founded Teva Ivri so that every person in Israel will know that the coming year is a year of shmita, and that whoever will want to will be able to make the year of shmita real in his/her life, in the  way which suits him/her and his/her worldview. 


We would like to lead a comprehensive educational process, as well as establish a wide platform that will make learning possibilities accessible and connect to as many and as varied shmita related initiatives as possible.  We are also making every effort to promote (in cooperation with the Government of Israel) comprehensive social and environmental projects that will make this year different and unique than all other years.