Kulanu: Inclusive Jewish Education and Society

For anybody truly concerned with the future of the State of Israel and the Jewish people it has become evident over the past 30 years that the major threat to our existence does not stem solely from the external enemy, however dangerous that may be, but from a growing polarization and lack of common narrative, values and vision for the future of the state, from within.

This polarization needs to be dealt with urgently. 


The only productive method I know of to deal with this is to create a joint effort between the polarized groups: 


Committed religious Jews from a variety of affiliations who believe in a combination of the particular and the universal within Judaism, inspired and based on the past but not held hostage by this past, and


Secular Israelis committed to creating serious Jewish content built on the Jewish bookshelf, Jewish memories, and the belief in joint Jewish values.

These two sectors of Israeli society must join together to develop a vision of common purpose for the future of our state and our people. This alternative Jewish vision is not just a distant dream but is materializing within Israeli society today.  Spearheading these initiatives are the Meitarim educational institutions, a network for inclusive Jewish education that I founded in 2002 with my dear friend, the late Dr. Aryeh Geiger, Kulanu, and B'Yachad for a Jewish Democratic Society.

Today, I believe I can say with full conviction and responsibility that our efforts are leading a crucial shift in public thinking and policy making in Israel. But the coalition of likewise thinking partners must be strengthened. We cannot do this alone, but surely there is a window of opportunity which for the first time in Israel’s history is giving true reason to believe that change can in fact occur.