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Building understandings and agreements between individuals, organizations, groups and communities through the Religious Peace Initiative and Center for Conflict Resolution by Agreement.

Religious Peace

- Developing Strategic Network of Insider Religious Mediators

- Creating pathways for active conflict mediation between Palestinians and Israelis

- Over 36 annual lectures with 1500+ participants about religious peace and mediation

Center for Conflict Resolution by Agreement

- Supports a National Network of 45 Mediation and Dialogue Centers and 20 Initiatives (that are in the process of becoming centers)

- Work with community leaders, local authorities and other stakeholders to manage, mitigate and resolve community conflicts. 

-Facilitate hundreds of mediation and restorative justice processes. 


The Meitarim Inclusive Jewish Education & Community Network breaks down the polarization that exists between Jewish sectors of Israeli society by developing and supporting a network of integrated schools and communities.

Over 15,000 students and teachers in 83 kindergartens, 43 elementary schools, 11 high schools, 5 mechinot and 25 communities in 38 cities and towns.


Chief Rabbi of Norway

The Jewish community in Norway dates back to the 1800s. Today, the community members maintain their Jewish identities as well as integrate fully in Norwegian society. 


Beit Din of Scandanavia

The Beit Din of Scandinavia is the rabbinical court that oversees cases regarding Jewish law in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Chief Rabbi of Norway
Beit Din of Scandinavia
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Citizen's Accord Forum

Citizens' Accord Forum facilitates widespread social change at all levels of society by engaging Israeli citizens across all ethnic, religious, gender, geographic and political lines. 


Teva Ivri

Teva Ivri seeks to promote Jewish environmental responsibility in Israel, with a special emphasis on the year of shmita.

Teva Ivra


Based in Malmo, Sweden, Amanah aims to counter anti-Semitism and Islamophobia through a partnership between the Jewish Community of Malmo and the Malmo Muslim Network.

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Beit Boyer

Rabbi Melchior's home synagogue in Jerusalem since 1995, Beit Boyer is a warm and inclusive modern orthodox community.

Amanah & Beit Boyer
Beit Boyer
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