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An Open Letter to the PM ahead of COP26

This is a crucial week for reducing greenhouse gases. A last chance to prevent natural disasters worldwide.

Three times a day we pray: "The LORD is good to all; and His tender mercies are over all His works". Let's hope that the world leaders, too, will be good and merciful to all of creation and will stand up to the responsibility laid upon them.

At the end of last week, we published an open letter to the Prime Minister (attached) leading up to the World Climate Conference. The letter received wide coverage in the media, but more important is the Prime Ministers response in his post, the translation of which follows: "I received today a letter from a group of important rabbis from among the religious Zionists, who call upon me for urgent action in the matter. I shall quote a part of it: "This issue pertains here and now literally to the saving of human lives (pikuach nefesh) on a worldwide scale. The point at issue is the dramatic impact on human lives, in the widest sense: famine, thirst, the human and safety implications of migration and the immense ramifications on quality of life and on life itself".

Let us hope and pray for the success of the conference.



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