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Bridge Builder Award 2021

In a significant ad meaningful event this week, I received the Norwegian Bridge Builder's Award, alongside H.E. Dr. Mohammed Abdulkarim Al Issa, the head of the most important Muslim organization in the world today, an impressive, brave and groundbreaking leader and H.E. Rev. Prof. Dr. Ioan Sauca, Secretary General World Council of Churches, a man who devoted his life to ecumenical work, a fascinating intellectual and an interesting speaker.

The ceremony took place at the beautiful Opera House in Oslo and was emceed by former PM Kjell Magne Bondevikin. Ambassadors from all over the Middle East, including many countries with whom we have no ties were in attendance as well as the Israeli ambassador and leaders of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities in Norway.

I am sharing with you, my friends, a short film that the organizers of the event prepared for and about me as well as the speech I gave upon receiving the award. In an additional post, I will upload pictures from the event. #bridgebuilderaward



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